Have You Tried Essential Oils?

January 18, 2017

I took a different spin on new years this year…”new year, SAME ME”. In 2016, I started focusing on having a healthier lifestyle. I started making my own kombucha, eating more super foods and doing yoga. My new years resolution is to simply stick to those healthy habits and start a new one in particular.

This year, I want to join the evolution of Essential Oils. When I first heard of essential oils, I was a bit skeptical. I thought “how can oils have such a positive impact on my life?”. I started doing a bit of research and the more I read the more it caught my attention.

I decided to give it a shot. I went over to Winners and picked up an oil diffuser which came with two essential oils for $50…PERFECT. I also picked up a couple more oils at Sequoia to get me started. I made the first step which was purchasing the products…but then I got home and felt a bit like “ahh ok, what do I do now?”.

I still needed to know more about them so I started listening to the Essential Oils Revolution podcast by Samantha Lee Wright. This Podcast covers literally everything and anything you would need to know about Essential Oils. Every episode has a new guest with different expertise. I honestly could not believe how much there was to know about essential oils! Here’s a great article that talks about some of it’s health benefits, how to use them and even how to dilute them so you can apply it directly on your skin.

The oils I’m starting off with are…

Lavender: sooth and relax

Peppermint: energize and refresh

Grape Fruit: purifying, cheerful and uplifting

A blend called Focus Concentration: balancing, centering and focusing

Here are a few of the many benefits of Essential Oils…

Fight cold and Flu symptoms

Improve digestion

Can be added to homemade cleaning products

Sooth sore muscles

Alleviate joint pain

Boosts energy

Can be added to DIY skin care recipes

To heal burns and cuts

I want to explore different ways of using Essential Oils and try different kinds to see which ones work best for me before giving my opinion on this topic…so keep an eye out for Part Two.

I’m hoping this will encourage you to give it a try and maybe we can venture this together!



Steal of a Deal Vol. 1

January 9, 2017

As you all know, I’m all about SALE shopping. I guess it makes me feel less guilty for buying clothes I don’t really need…and when a particular someone says “how much did you spend on that?” I can say with confidence “don’t worry, this top was only $15”.

I love seeing people post sale items they bought or big sales they’ve come across, which is why “Steal of a Deal” is going to become a regular post…a place I can share the sales and promotions I’ve stumbled upon. I mean, who doesn’t love to hear about good deals, am I right?

Today’s post is all about ZARA!!! Over the weekend, I saw a couple people on IG post sale items they got from there so I went and checked out the site to see what kind of sale they were having. OMG I could have bought so many things!!!!! They’ve had pretty good sales in the past but this one seemed to have a lot nicer stuff marked down than usual. They currently have tops starting at $15.99, WOW!!! You might wanna check it out before they run out of your size.

Here are some of my favourite styles that are now on sale…

I ordered the first three items…I deserve a pat on the back for only buying three things.

$25.99 (regular $49.90)

How nice will this look with white denim jeans…once winter is over…

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Gift Guide – Stocking Stuffer

December 16, 2016


Are we all on board with the fact that stocking stuffers are the most exciting part of Christmas morning?! Of course everyone always says that spending time with family and friends is what Christmas is all about…but stop…we all know you actually want to say stocking stuffers!!!!!

This year Jimmy and I are filling each others socks…yes, we were still getting our lovely parents to do it. They are just so good at it!! I actually really enjoyed shopping for stocking stuffers and I’m looking forward to seeing what Jimmy put in mine. He’s pretty good when it comes to nick nacks so I’m not too worried.

For those of you who aren’t sure what to get your loved ones, I’ve rounded up a few great ideas…

1.  Polar Bear Tea Infuser

2. Origins Cult Faves

3. Socks

4. Aveda Hand Cream

5. Antler Bottle Stopper

6. Nail Polish

7. Sudoku

8. Home Accent – Dream

9. Wallflowers Fragrance Refill

10. Candle

11. Wallflower fragrance plug



Refurbished Solid Wood Desk

December 13, 2016

Some of you may not know this, but I have a LOVE for refurbishing old furniture. There’s something about the end product that is just so satisfying…when it turns out nice of course. I’ve refurbished quite a few things in the last year and realised I really need to start sharing them on the blog more often!

I bought this old solid wood desk at an online auction for a total of $25. Pretty cheap eh!? Well I didn’t go see it in person before bidding on it and when I picked it up, I had my doubts. As you can see in the pictures below, it was in pretty rough shape. For one, it had paint stains on it and a lot of the stain was worn off so part of the natural wood seemed damaged. There was even blue pen carvings in the wood.

If you wanna see what products I used and how I transformed this desk, keep on reading!

I mean, look at how AMAZING the table top turned out!!!!!

I want to start by showing you the main products that were used in this transformation. I used Milk Paint in the colour Curio for the top of the table and topped it off with some Hemp Oil which is also by Milk Paint. For the legs of the table, I used Fat Paint in the colour Gull Grey and finished it off with the Fat Paint top coat. Last but not least, my Cling On paint brush that I could not go without. All those products were purchased at Front Porch Mercantile…as always, the service was excellent!!!

Step 1 – Cleaned the table off good with just water and a lint free cloth.

Step 2 – I stripped the top of the table with Circa Furniture Stripper. I applied two coats to make sure I got the old varnish off good. It even took out the paint stain. This was probably the most time consuming part of the process.

Step 3 – I gave the entire table a good sanding…especially to try and get out the pen carvings as much as possible. Then wiped it off with a lint free cloth.

Step 4 – I applied two coats of the Milk Paint in the colour Curio on the top part of the table. To have a solid colour with Milk Paint, you have to use equal parts paint and equal parts water. Since I only wanted a light wash, I did 1 part paint and 4 parts water. It was still dark enough to cover the pen carvings which was great. I highly recommend testing it out on a piece of wood, to make sure it’s the right shade.

Step 5 – Instead of using a typical top coat, I used two coats of Hemp Oil from Milk Paint. It was my first time using it and I could not believe how easy it was to apply. I literally just drizzled little sections at a time and rubbed it in with a lint free cloth. It brought the Milk Paint to life and gave it a nice rich finish.

Step 6 – I applied two coats of the Gull Grey Fat Paint which I then distressed a bit. After, I gave it an overall lite sanding to make it smoother.

Step 7 – To finish it off, I applied one coat of the Fat Paint top coat. Looking back I wish I would have used the Fat Paint wax since it’s not the main surface that will be touched a lot…oh well.

I really wanted to change the handle on the drawer to something a bit more modern but the wooden handle that’s on there now was not coming off…it looks like it’s screwed in with glue. Clearly they didn’t want it coming off…

I haven’t purchased a chair for it yet but I have a few ideas in mind such as this one and this one. If I decide I want something a bit more practical for a desk, I like this style. Home Sense often has nice chairs in those styles so I guess I’ll just have to make another trip over there…what a shame…

I am very pleased with how this desk turned out and can’t wait to tackle my next project!!!