Chalk Paint DIY

February 9, 2017

Would you look at that…I got more stuff from the auction! I was on the hunt for some bedside tables for the spare bedroom for quite a while…so I was really excited when I got a set of two at the auction for ONLY $48. Below are pictures of what they looked like before the makeover. I found them quite charming as they were but one of them had scratches on the top part…which is why I decided to refurbish them with some FAT Paint.

Whenever I refurbish furniture, I usually stick with some light colours such as off white so I really wanted to step out of my comfort zone with this one and am I ever happy I did!

I decided to go with the colour Skyline from FAT paintThis is a lot darker than what I normally go for but two people at Front Porch Mercantile recommended it…SO lets do it!

Instantly, I knew I wanted to change the hardware so I started off by patching up the holes and drilling new ones in each drawer.

Next, I gave the tables a good wipe down with water and a lint free cloth. After, I gave it a light sanding which I then wiped off again.

I then applied two coats of paint…with my Cling On brush of course.

After applying the paint, I gave it another light sanding to smooth it out before applying the Wax.

SO…I can’t believe I only just now tried the FAT Beeswax Polished for the first time. It created such a nice finish and was so much easier to spread than I thought. It feels more like a soft scream than a heavy duty wax. This will be my new go to!

I applied it with a lint free cloth, working in small sections at a time. Apply, then wipe off.

That’s it…I completed this project in two days!

Here’s a picture of the knobs I got from Carte Blanche. I’m TOTALLY obsessed with them!!! They have such a nice antique look to them.

Here’s a look at the final product…

I am more than happy with the way they turned out! Skyline is the perfect pop of colour for the room…it blends perfectly with the wall colour which is Inukshuk from Benjamin Moore.

This spare bedroom is finally coming together very nicely. Next step will be adding art on the walls…any suggestions?

If you’re planning on tackling any big DIY projects…don’t forget to have fun with it!!!



Shop Local – Beechwood Wildness

February 2, 2017

When I first heard of this local business, I could not wait to try their products! Supporting local businesses is something extremely important to me. I honestly love when people are passionate about something and make it happen!

Beechwood Wildness is handcrafted in Fredericton, NB. They create self care products from whole ingredients which are gentle for your skin and body…toxin-free. On their website, you can find anything from body lotion to doggy dry shampoo. They also take orders for Wedding Favors!

I finally got around to making my first order and loved everything I got…so I wanted to share those items with you.

This is not a sponsored post…I genuinely LOVE these products!

Cleanse Yoga Mat Mist

I remember going to the yoga studio and seeing people cleaning their yoga mats with a spray and thought what the heck are they using?! Is there a special way to clean your mat after hot yoga? Cuz I was thinking of using lysol wipes lol So I was pretty glad to see I could buy a yoga mat cleanser from BW cuz I wouldn’t of known where else to buy one. The smell is so refreshing, I sometimes even use it before a yoga practice…and again after. (link to product)

Paw/Nose Lotion Bar

First off, I want to mention that 25% of proceeds for pet care products go to animal rescue initiatives which is AWESOME!!! I tried it on Wendell and he didn’t try to lick it off at all, which surprised me…BUT if he was going to lick it off, I wouldn’t have to worry cuz it’s made with all natural ingredients. (link to product)

Rosemary/Lavender Lotion Bar

When I first tried this Lotion Bar, I applied it on dry skin and it didn’t go on very smooth…it was hard to rub in and it felt a bit greasy. SO I decided to actually follow the directions…Duh…and it was soo much better. When they say to apply it on wet or damp skin, listen!!! After the shower, I lightly dab myself off with a towel, then apply the lotion bar. It really soaks into your skin nicely and leaves it extremely soft. I’ve always had these little bumps behind my thighs, which I think is from my legs rubbing against my jeans. This lotion got rid of the bumps!!! Did I mention the smell? It’s AMAZING! (link to product)

Bloom Botanical Face Steam

It was my first time ever trying a face steam and I can tell you now, it won’t be the last. I was a bit hesitant at first…I have sensitive skin that breaks out very easily but this felt very gentle on my skin. I keep my face in the steam for about 10 minutes and afterwards, I feel so relaxed.  This face steam is supposed to sooth, purify, balance and cleanse the skin. Again the smell is sensational..I’m not even gonna try to describe it, just take my word for it…or even better, give it a try! (link to product)

I’ll definitely be putting in another order soon. There’s so many other products I’m dying to try such as the Nala Body Butter, Botanical Coffee Scrub, and the Awaken Face Toner

Check it out, you won’t be disappointed ; )



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January 31, 2017

Baking these Baked Blueberry Oatmeal Cups which turned out good. I do find them a bit bland so I might add a bit of maple next time. I’m terrible for skipping breakfast before work…I hit the snooze button a few too many times. These muffins will be perfect to grab on the go. I also want to try these omelet’s in a mug.

Practicing Yoga which is one of my new years resolution. I wanted to start off doing yoga at home to get more comfortable with it before paying an arm and a leg to go to a yoga studio. I’ve been using this youtube channel and also subscribed to Gaia which has tons of yoga videos/series.

Shopping for a Hallway Runner…I really like this one. I’ve been going to Home Sense every weekend but the ones they have are always too short. I am determined to find one I love for around $100-$120…wish me luck!

Planning on getting rid of all toxic cleaners in the house. I really wan to try this Lemon Lavender Homemade Multipurpose Cleaner.  

Thinking of SUMMER!!! I mean, look at this skirt…I’ll wait till it goes on sale ; )

Loving John Mayer’s wave one release of his new album. I can’t wait for the second wave of songs to be released!!!



Have You Tried Essential Oils?

January 18, 2017

I took a different spin on new years this year…”new year, SAME ME”. In 2016, I started focusing on having a healthier lifestyle. I started making my own kombucha, eating more super foods and doing yoga. My new years resolution is to simply stick to those healthy habits and start a new one in particular.

This year, I want to join the evolution of Essential Oils. When I first heard of essential oils, I was a bit skeptical. I thought “how can oils have such a positive impact on my life?”. I started doing a bit of research and the more I read the more it caught my attention.

I decided to give it a shot. I went over to Winners and picked up an oil diffuser which came with two essential oils for $50…PERFECT. I also picked up a couple more oils at Sequoia to get me started. I made the first step which was purchasing the products…but then I got home and felt a bit like “ahh ok, what do I do now?”.

I still needed to know more about them so I started listening to the Essential Oils Revolution podcast by Samantha Lee Wright. This Podcast covers literally everything and anything you would need to know about Essential Oils. Every episode has a new guest with different expertise. I honestly could not believe how much there was to know about essential oils! Here’s a great article that talks about some of it’s health benefits, how to use them and even how to dilute them so you can apply it directly on your skin.

The oils I’m starting off with are…

Lavender: sooth and relax

Peppermint: energize and refresh

Grape Fruit: purifying, cheerful and uplifting

A blend called Focus Concentration: balancing, centering and focusing

Here are a few of the many benefits of Essential Oils…

Fight cold and Flu symptoms

Improve digestion

Can be added to homemade cleaning products

Sooth sore muscles

Alleviate joint pain

Boosts energy

Can be added to DIY skin care recipes

To heal burns and cuts

I want to explore different ways of using Essential Oils and try different kinds to see which ones work best for me before giving my opinion on this topic…so keep an eye out for Part Two.

I’m hoping this will encourage you to give it a try and maybe we can venture this together!