Seven Spring salads you have to try

March 29, 2017

Since it’s officially SPRING (screaming of joy inside), I thought I’d share some of my healthy eating inspirations…refreshing fruity salads! There’s something about warmer weather and sunny days which seems to make salads taste much better…maybe it’s just the BBQ steak that makes it taste so good. Although it still feels like the middle of winter here in NB, I thought I’d still get a head start on finding some salad recipes I can add to my list.

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I always say I’m gonna eat more salad but I don’t always follow through with it. To be honest, they can be pretty BORING…but with the help of Pinterest, they don’t have to be. I know veggie salads are probably healthier but I find they are so bland. Some of my favourite ingredients to use are Kale, berries and goat cheese. I also prefer making my own vinaigrette in a salad dressing bottle that I can store in the fridge. I like knowing exactly what is in the vinaigrette…store bought ones are usually full of preservatives and sugar.

After browsing through Pinterest, I found some recipes I am dying to try…

Honey Crisp 

Berry Feta

Broccoli Apple

Basil Watermelon and Goat Cheese

Kale Apple with Honey Dressing

Blueberry Feta

Peach with Grilled Basil Chicken

What ingredients do you like in your salad?



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